Workshop on Recent trends in Electronic Industry

Date: 02/07/2019                            Venue: Electronics & Communication lab                                         Resource Person: Dr.V.Thiyagu

On 02/07/2019 Department of Electronics and Communication Conducts the one day workshop and Association SELECT 2019 Inauguration. In this workshop Our College Principal Dr.N.Rajavel Welcomes the Gathering and he congratulates our Association members.

The Resource Person carry out his workshop session on “Recent trends in Electronic Industry” and showed many kits like PIC, Rasberry PI, Aurdino,Etc.,

The students are eagerly worked with many core platform and using Rasp ion OS. He made an interactive session between the students. The students are asked many doubts and got the clarification.

They learnt about how to work in LI-FI through the knowledge of Electronics and Communication. In this workshop they discussed about how to overcome WI-FI with LI-FI.

Overall it was wonderful session and moreover 70 students are benefitted by this workshop