Grievance Redressal Committee

Any problem or inconvenience that a student/staff  faces is treated as grievance. Grievance is an upward communal mechanism. It brings out important information about creeping problems that a student/staff may face, to the management in advance. To resolve this, Grievance Redressal Committee has been constituted with the following members


Dr. N. Rajavel Principal
Mrs. K.K. Kavitha Vice Principal and Head, Dept. of Computer Science
Dr. P. Thamaraiselvan    Vice Principal and Head, Dept. of Electronics and Communication
Dr. K. Gunasekaran       Vice Principal and Head, Dept. of Commerce
Dr. A. Eswaramoorthy   Head, Dept. of Physical Education
Mrs. K.V. Sumathi Asst. Prof, Dept. of Computer Science
Ms. P. Sathya Asst. Prof, Dept. of English


  This committee will address the following.

  • This will support students to be free from their difficulties
  • Promote a healthy working environment for all our staff and students
  • Work towards building a gender-sensitized environment at our College


  • On receipt of complaint / grievance, Grievance Committee shall segregate the complaint, discuss with the concerned committee and thereafter direct the said complaint to the respective committee
  • The concerned committee shall investigate the cases directly
  • If required, a hearing with the complainant or clarification from the concerned may be taken.
  • The complainant shall be informed about the action taken by the committee.
  • The complaint in any case shall be resolved within 15 days of its receipt.
  • Complaints of general nature such as the following shall be considered by this committee and resolved accordingly.
  • Non receipt of scholarships from the college
  • Transport facilities
  • Marks lists
  • Refund of original certificates
  • Transfer certificate
  • College fee related issues
  • Issues related to general Infrastructure facilities
  • Grievances related to internal marks and academic performance
  • Issues related to teacher – student relationship

Redressal Mechanism:

Written or Oral Grievances/Complaints received from students relating to the above matters will be resolved by the committee within 1 to 15 working days depending upon the nature of grievance.