Infrastructure of the College

Campus area : 13.3 acres
Built-up area 16,892 sq.mts. This includes:

  • 3 blocks with 72 well-furnished lecture halls
  • 10 Department staff rooms with computer facilities
  • 7 well equipped laboratories
  • 3 well-equipped Computer Laboratories
  • 1 spacious Central Library
  • Department Library
  • An auditorium with a green room and the auditorium can accommodate 1000 persons
  • Selvam Cafeteria
  • Day scholar center
  • Internet facility
  • Telephone, intercom
  • Separate Hostels for Men and Women

Library – Facilities

  • Display of new arrivals
  • Bibliographic compilation
  • Internet (broad band)
  • Power back-up
  • Book Bank for poor students
  • Photocopying facility
  • CD/DVD facility
  • On-line search under OPAC
  • Special assistance offered to the differently-abed
  • Additional department libraries

Daily a Good Deed (DGD)

This movement was started on the first day of the year 2007 from that day without any break; the good deeds are performed everyday at various places by different departments as indicated in the calendar.The various activities for the past 2 Years are consolidated in the list below.

Healthy Practices

Mentor System

A staff is in charge of about 20 students he takes care of the students regularity (attendance), performance, payment, discipline and progress
Lesson plant note prepared by each staff member at the beginning of every semester.
Portion covered record maintained by the students representatives for each hour of ever day
Every semester 2 unit tests 1 model exams are conducted. In the absentees and poor performance are appear for retest
Late comers are stay in library for One Hour after 4.30pm
Bridge course is conducted by the English Department at the beginning of each academic year and a booklet is brought out by the department
Above 25 different committees are formed to share the administrative responsibilities of college
Feed back is obtained from the present students, the past students and their parents
Entrusted the work of maintaining the campus clean, to a private organization Neat and Clean Service (NACS)

Value Added Courses

As the mere degrees are insufficient in the competitive world to come up in life
We pave the way to convert the courses in to careers by providing value added courses out side the class hours to our students as well as outsiders
More than one third of the students attend various the Value Added courses on benefit of Lot