Dr. S. Babu, Vice-Chairman
Dr. S. Babu, Vice-Chairman

Dr. Babu availed his M. B. B. S. degree from a reputed institution Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences in Bangalore. Being young and enthusiastic doctor serving the societies health ailment, he continues to support Dr. P. Selvaraj in sustaining his efforts in developing EGG CITY and EXPORT ZONE. In the process he also serves as follows.

  • Director – Selvam Broilers
  • Managing Director – P S P Farms
  • Managing Director – Selvam Hatcheries
  • Managing Director – Surya Hatcheries
  • Managing Director – Selvam Chicks
  • Managing Director – P P Farms
  • Director, S.N.S. Data Scribe, Coimbatore

$ He looks after

  • Development of the Educational Institutions
  • Poultry business & Additionally he looks after
  • Construction works & Interior decoration