Special Lecture on “An Introduction to Crystal Growth and Its Applications”.

Special lecture was held on 10.07.2015 for the benefit of physics and chemistry department students of Selvamm Arts and Science College Namakkal . The special lecture was delivered by Dr. N. Vijayan, Senior Scientist National Physical Laboratory, a part of CSIR New Delhi.

The topic he discussed was about the Crystal growth and its applications. Students and faculty members were immensely benefited by the knowledge they gained from the special lecture. It was an opportunity for them to learn different types of crystals and its applications in our day to day life like Piezoelectric crystals, quartz, salt and sugar. They also learned the ways of growing crystals commercially.

It gave the students an opportunity to learn about National Physical Laboratory and its contribution to nation building. Dr. N. Vijayan also gave various ideas to pursue research after post graduation and the availability of funding for the same.

Students, after listening to Dr. N. Vijayan were so encouraged to follow research as their best option. He, also invited all the students to visit NPL and similar institutions to gain knowledge of ongoing research in the country.

It was a great occasion for all the staff and students of Selvamm arts & Science college to learn new ideas about crystal growth and research.