Role of Regional Rural Banks in Economic Development.

Chief gust: Mr. D. SATHIYA RAJA, B.Sc (Agri).,CAIIB.,PGDMM., – Bank Manager  – Canara Bank,

  • He delivered lecture on origin and development of banking companies in India and he also narrated the emerging trends in banking business.
  • He spoke on the role of public sector banks, and private sectors banks in the development of Indian economy.
  • He underlined different types of banks and their functions in detail to the students.
  • Various types of loans available to the agricultural sectors were suggested by giving suitable examples such as NABARD and cooperative banks.
  • The recent changes in the banking services such as Online banking, Net banking, Mobile banking and their importance were given to the students.
  • The modern banking practices such as merchant banking, mutual funds and underwriting of business shares were also explained in detail.
  • The role of Reserve Bank of India and its functions were also explained.
  • Self- employed loan, educational loan, self-help group loan and other types of loans and advances and their availability were better understood by the students.
  • Apart from the conventional banking practices, different types of investment plans were also explained.