Our esteemed institution celebrated 13th Convocation held on 4/2/2017.

Speech of the Chief Guest

We have made ‘Right to Education’ a reality in our country. We have to now stress on ‘Right Education’.  Education institution has to be a temple of learning; of humanism, tolerance and balanced. Reasoning. Through the intellectual pursuits and knowledge sharing of scholars, academicians and scientists, it has to contribute to the progress of our society and the nation. Education has to create responsible. Innovative, analytical and compassionate citizens. It has to respond positively to the change in society. Every youth aims at becoming intellectually competent and technically skilled. But knowledge generation without value formation 2 counts for little. Education without values is like a flower without fragrance. Education has to impart values to the youth to make them sensitive to fellow human beings. It has to be a process that completes an individual in all respects.

I was a teacher before I joined public life. I know how satisfying it is for a teacher to give students the joy of learning; to make them appreciate, reflect and differentiate the strands of thinking; to make them worthy and willing to shoulder responsibility. The faculty is the lifeblood of a college. They must continuously renew their understanding of the subject. They must be able to transfer knowledge to their students with dedication and commitment. They must act as friend and guide to the students, ever willing to counsel and show them how best they can gear themselves to face the world.

We find our ancient education system dominating the world for about eighteen hundred years beginning Sixth Century Be. Let me remind you that Takshashila, Nalanda, Vikramashila, Valabhi, Somapura and Odantapuri were the seats of world class universities. Let us together bring the changes required to make our present higher education system shine brightly once again.

Alumni association meeting 

SASC is to establish close and lasting relationship between the college and its alumni and among the alumni themselves. SASC is a forum through which communication can be established on a regular basis for its members keeping them informed of the developments within the college and the activities of the Alumni Association.

Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow 
Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead.
Walk beside me and be my friend”

In Ruskin Bond’s short story, “Meeting with the Pool” the author invites his friends –the fellow classmates to meet at a familiar place after a very long interval. At the appropriate hour, the author alone could make it! The whereabouts of his friends were not known! In those days there were no Alumni associations to keep track of the students when they leave a college in search of greener pastures.

People may not like unions because they can suppress their personalities. But certainly not an alumni association. It is very significant for the life of students and scholars and the whole student community. Besides it will not suppress their personalities but improve them. They can easily learn the basic humanitarian traits of caring and sharing.

Novice graduates get an idea of career development and even employment when they stay in touch with the association. The most successful alumni will lead others how to achieve success. For instance, some companies employ graduates only from some particular educational establishment. SASC Alumni Association has definite goals in mind;

  1. It will function as a social organization and provides students with different kinds of help.
  2. It will organize different types of parties and get-together to revive the bygone days.

We invite every past pupil of Selvamm College to become a member of SASC just by registering for it. There is no registration fee! But your membership will mean a lot to the College and to you too. SASC offers plenty of opportunities to serve strive and stride along the path of success.