The Annual Cultural Festival “IMPERUM VIZHLA”

The annual cultural festival “IMPERUM VIZHLA” is one of the most awaited events of our college campus. This year, “IMPERUM VIZHLA was celebrated with the theme of “vailikkaiy kavthi vaceipom vanamalzhlave yousippom” and “pacithuru “it was celebrated on 19th and 20th of Sep 2018. The festival began with an exciting short welcome dance. Then our programe started with lightening lamb, in beginning of the programe our principal gave a welcome address through his address he welcomes our chairman, vice chairman, trustee members, secretary, and chief guest, vice-principals, teaching and Non-Teaching Faculties and beloved Students. “IMPERUM VIZHLA is a thoroughfare along which the arts and science students are able to unveil their talent on the much isolated turf of performing arts. This is an event where students take a brief time off their busy schedule and strive hard to acclaim proficiency in the field of performing arts. Let’s have a look at the events took place in “IMPERUM VIZHLA 19th Sep 2018.  We celebrate MUTHTAMIL VIZHLA, TEACHERS DAY, and KALAI VIZHLA in this day Ms. Isaiyselvi Nagasarasvathi M.A., M.Ed., M.Phil. Who was our chief guest,  She delivered her speech on “vailikkaiy kavthi vaceipom vanamalzhlave yousippom” and in first day students from various departments who have  participate competitions like group dance, solo dance, mime show, Drama etc. our students competed with each other in solo dancing and group dancing. The dance was choreographed by the participants themselves.

Next day 20th Sep 2018 we celebrate ‘National science day’, ‘First years welcome fresher’s day’ on that day Erode Mr.kathir, who was our chief guest, great speaker, orator, and Debate speaker. He gave a splendid speech among our students. Second day also our students gave wonderful cultural programmed for us.  At the end, the winner was announced by our Principal. He announced Dept of English got over all champion in 2018 “IMPERUM VIZHLA and Dept of Mathematics got Runner. Finally Cultural program ends with National anthem.