Inauguration of “Association of Selvamm Business Administration-ASBA”

 “Association of Selvamm Business Administration-ASBA” was inaugurated by our Department of business administration. The chief guest was Mr.U.Basker, Manager, Canara Bank and also gave a special lecture on “Recent trends in banking sector”.

In this special lecture Mr.U.Basker, Manager, Canara Bank, explained clearly about the present scenario of banking sector. He pointed out the origin of banking, procedures, working formalities and conditions of banking systems. He explained Tele banking, Internet banking, ATM’s, NEFT, RTGS, Accepting deposits, giving loans and advances, required documents to getting loans and so on. He suggested that, how to getting banking jobs and what are the skills required. He interacted with the students and clarified queries about banking sector. Our students were participated and discussed about the banking sector in India. By this special lecture our students were highly benefited and motivated.