Gold Nano Particles from Malaria Treatment

Due to unique properties of Gold nano particles (GNPs), it have been used as an additive to various drugs, and are in this respect designated as passive medicine.Our research team focused on to evaluate the effects of the Gold nano particles (Au-N-LK3) in mice infected with P. berghei ANKA with respect to TNF-α and TGF- β and  histomorphological changes in spleen and liver.  Streptomyces sp LK-3 (JF710608) mediated Au-N-LK3 were found within the size range of 5-17.3nm. Au-N-LK3 treatment in Plasmodium berghei ANKA (PbA) infected mice delayed the parasitemia rise (~6%) compared to PbA infection on 8 days post infection. Survivability of mice increases to ~85% in Au-N-LK3 treated mice in contrast to in PbA (~50%) infected mice in 8 dpi with respect to control. During Au-N-LK3 treatment in PbA infection, histomorphological analysis revealed as such no change in spleen and liver tissue during 8 dpi. Our results confirmed up-regulation of TGF-β and down-regulation of TNF-α in tissue and serum level in PbA infected Au-N-LK3 treated mice compared to PbA infection. The incidence of chromosomal aberration in human PBL was not affected by treatment with the Au-N-LK3. The results obtained suggest that the Au-N-LK3 possess anti-malarial activity and could be considered as a potential source for anti-malarial drug development.